Don’t Have a Green Thumb? Try Growing Succulents

Make Unique Wind Chimes For Your Home

If you like the idea of hanging some unique wind chimes on your porch, or in other areas around the exterior of your house, then you may want to make your own. This is a fun way to spend your time and it will give you wind chimes you know you are going to like the look of. This article will teach you how to make your own wind chimes made from teaspoons and colored beads. Once you see how easy it is to make your own, you’ll start coming up with other ideas for some great wind chimes. Supplies you will need You can make a great looking wind chime out of teaspoons that will also make great sounds when the wind blows. To make this wind chime, you will need: 8 teaspoons Fishing line Scissors A small to medium wire decorative bowl Jewelry beads in the colors of your choice A hot glue gun and glue stick Instructions for making teaspoon wind chimes Cut 8 pieces of fishing line so they are about 5 inches in length. Hot glue or tie one end of each piece of fishing line to a teaspoon. Put the beads on the fishing line, leaving enough room for you to tie the other end of the fishing line around one of the pieces of wire that is nearest to the edge on the bowl. Repeat this process while making sure the lines are evenly separated all the way around. Cut a few more pieces of fishing line that are about a foot long and, grouping them together for added strength, tie one end... read more

Investing In A Luxurious Motorhome: Things To Know About A PMRV

Do you want a mobile living space that is a little more luxurious than the typical recreational vehicle (RV) motorhome? You may find that investing in a park model recreational vehicle (PMRV) will satisfy all of your mobile living needs, as they come with multiple benefits. Find out in this article what you should know about a PMRV to decide if spending money on one is a wise investment. What Makes a PMRV a Worthy Investment? The great thing about a PMRV motorhome is that you can leave it parked at an RV campground for as long as it is needed (even permanently). Although a PMRV looks like a permanent living space, it is designed for occasional use when traveling, because the construction is not as stable as a regular home. However, you can opt for living in it, and it will feel like you are living in a small trailer home. A PMRV sits on a chassis that has wheels on it for traveling; however, the chassis can be taken off if you intend on permanently keeping the living space at a campground. Keep in mind that a PMRV is not considered an actual home and must be registered like any other vehicle. What Kind of Features are in a PMRV? The features of a PMRV will vary based on what you pay for. However, you can expect the living space to have all of the common things that are found in a regular home, including: Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom A living area You can also opt for features like a porch, bay windows and various other features to... read more

Home Essentials For Entertaining Outdoors

If you have an ample outdoor seating area in your home, this can be a great focal point where you can bring guests on special occasions. If you intend to be an outdoor host, though, there are some essential items that you will need to make your friends’ stay enjoyable. Here are some of the essentials for outdoor home goods while entertaining.  Weatherproof Furniture The first thing to consider is having weatherproof, lightweight furniture. A good set of wicker patio furniture is a great example; both natural wicker and PVC wicker are durable enough to withstand all-season use. Good weatherproofing will allow you to leave the furniture outside safely if needed, while its easy-to-move nature gives you the option to transport the furniture into the house to keep it dry. You may also consider plastic furniture with water-resistant, fabric cushions.  Adequate Outdoor Lighting One crucial step to protecting your outdoor guests and maintaining a comfortable environment is to have adequate lighting in your entertainment area. This is useful both to illuminate features of the area to avoid trips and falls, and to help guests see what they’re doing. Outdoor wall lighting fixtures can be used to increase the lighting level and to highlight pathways, and they can also be great for enhancing the appearance of your home at night. While some wall lighting fixtures are designed to illuminate directly beneath them, others are designed to act as spotlights that you can fix on important areas such as a grill or stairway.  Some home decoration stores also have track lighting that you can use to illuminate a walkway or garden... read more

Installing Lawn Sprinklers? 3 Controller Features That Can Make All The Difference

If you are tired of watering that lawn by hand, you might be ready to dig some trenches and put in an in-ground sprinkler system. Although you might assume that one sprinkler controller is just as good as the next, some systems offer helpful features that can save you time and money. Here are three controller features that can make all the difference. 1: Expandable Zone Capacity That two-zone sprinkler system might work great for your yard now, but what if you want to add a garden or a flowerbed in the future? If you think that your watering needs might change, that simple two-zone system might need to be upgraded to accommodate extra lines. Unfortunately, not every sprinkler controller allows you to do this. Some systems aren’t expandable, which might mean that you need to replace your entire controller after you run that additional line. When you shop, look for a system with an expandable zone capacity—especially if your yard isn’t 100% finished. 2: Multiple Run Times When the weather gets hot, some people split their daily watering times into multiple run times just to keep their grass from scorching. However, if your system only allows a single run time, you might end up soaking that lawn and then watching it burn day after day. As you look around for a sprinkler controller, check to see how many run times the system has. Keep in mind that “watering times” and “run times” are different. Watering time is the actual amount of time the system runs water at each specific zone, while run time is the cycle. Try to... read more

Should You Get Storm Shutters?

If you live on the coast or in another area that faces wind storms, you should consider installing storm or hurricane shutters. These protective barriers can greatly reduce the damage your home or business suffers from high winds and blowing debris. You can choose from a number of models that offer different advantages. Rolling Shutters Rolling shutters work well for several reasons. They are a permanent addition to your building and attach to the top of your window, door, or other opening. You simply roll them down when bad weather is on the way and roll them back up when things are clear. These shutters also add to your security by making breakins more difficult. They are designed to withstand the toughest weather out there. Accordian Shutters These shutters attach to either side of the windows or doors, and, as their name suggests, unfold like an accordian when you need them.  They are also attached permanently to your building, so you do not need to store them or continually put them up and take them down. They can make your building more secure as some of them can be locked. They are very effective, but you may not like the “bulk” they add to the outside of your home or business.  Fabric Shutters A lightweight and durable choice for storm protection is the fabric shutter. They are made of an extremely strong nylon and are attached in anticipation of a storm. This process is much easier than with the heavy metal models that residents in hurricane-prone areas used to wrestle into place before bad weather. This model is an excellent... read more

Buying Wildflower And Other Garden Seeds: What To Look For In Quality

Planting a viable garden that produces beautiful flowers or vegetables all season long starts with the right seed. You may be tempted to buy wildflower seed packets and seed packets for vegetables for the convenience and attractive price. Before you grab just any seed packet, know what to look for in a quality company so you can have a fruitful garden from your efforts. Age of packet The longer a wildflower seed mix sits in its packet, the more difficulty it may have in germinating when you finally get to your planting season. You want to investigate all seed packets for the date they were packed or their sell by date. The less time between your purchase and the date the seeds were packaged, or the more time between the sell by date and your planting, the more viable and fresh your seeds are likely to be. Guarantee It’s nearly impossible to guarantee that a packet of wildflower or vegetable seeds will grow, mainly because how you plant the seeds determine whether they will produce healthy plants or not. However, a reputable greenhouse or seed-selling company will offer some kind of guarantee as far as freshness or health of the individual seeds you receive. If you open a packet of seeds and see that they have been damaged in any way, including chipping, crumbling, or even lack of seeds promised, you should be able to return the packet to the venue you received them from for a new package of fresh, undamaged seeds. Region and germination Wildflower seeds that will grow well in your region are most likely to give... read more

Reasons To Think About Installing A Water Softener

If you have hard water, a water softener will protect your plumbing by preventing the buildup of minerals inside the pipes. Water is considered hard when it has a large amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium in it. If you get your water from a well, it is probably hard water, but you can benefit from a water softener even if you have city water. Here are some benefits to having soft water in your home. Reduces Mineral Buildup On Dishes If your water is hard, you’ll see water spots on your glasses and silverware. The spots are mineral deposits that remain behind after the water evaporates. Another place that’s easy to see mineral buildup is in the glass pot of your coffee maker. Unfortunately, you also get the same buildup inside the coffee maker as well as other appliances in your home that use water. The mineral deposits can cause your appliances to break down, so having a water softener can actually prolong the life of your appliances in addition to making your dishes look cleaner. Makes Laundry Soft And Cleaner One problem with hard water is that it doesn’t combine well with soap. The soap tends to bind to the minerals in the water rather than do their job getting your laundry clean. Not only that, minerals left behind can leave your clothes feeling slightly stiff after they are washed. When you wash clothes in soft water, you can use less detergent because there are no minerals to interfere with the sudsing reaction. Your clothes will feel softer and look cleaner. Plus, the soft water will... read more

Secure Your Property With Preparation – A Guide To Installing A Dual Swing Gate Opener

Installing an automatic gate can greatly improve your ability to control who is allowed to enter your property. Below, you’ll find a guide to some steps you should take in order to make sure your dual swing gate opener installation is successful.  This important task will allow you to secure your property while simultaneously creating an attractive fence that allows you to achieve the aesthetic that you truly desire. Secure Gate Posts If your gate is intended to provide security, it’s important that it’s firmly mounted. Even if your gates are merely ornamental, the continuous motion associated with a dual swing gate can still cause mechanical and structural issues if you’re not careful to take steps to guarantee security. Before you install your opener, you need to verify that the mounting posts for your gates are as firmly planted as possible. The best way to achieve this permanence is through concrete, and you should be sure that you give the concrete time to fully harden and set up before you add the stress of an opener. Level the Gates Watching your gates close but not meet flush in the middle is an extraordinarily frustrating experience. Not only does this make the gates somewhat less attractive, it also can make your opener function incorrectly, leading to complications in terms of accessibility. In addition, it may make secure closures difficult, leaving you vulnerable to the very security concerns that you were eager to avoid with the gate in the first place. Making sure that your gates are level is a vital step to take before you install your dual swing gate opener.... read more

Harmful Misconceptions About Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is literally one of the little miracles of modern kitchens, and many homeowners who are fond of this plumbing appliance can hardly imagine how their kitchens would work without it. The system is designed to remove food waste from your kitchen and send it into your wastewater system, thus preventing clogging of the drains. Despite their widespread use, certain aspects of garbage disposals are shrouded in myth, and some misconceptions can actually lead to misuse and breakdown of these appliances. This article will look at 3 such fallacies and provide the truths behind them. Your garbage disposal can handle all sorts of garbage The term ‘garbage disposal’ is perhaps a little misleading, which makes people believe that the appliance can be used to dispose of all sorts of garbage. The truth is that a garbage disposal is designed to only chop down and flush organic foods, so putting in solid inorganic waste such as paper and plastic can actually cause it to break down. Additionally, not all foods can be safely flushed down into a garbage disposal. While these appliances appear strong and sturdy, they are actually quite delicate, and could be damaged by certain solid foods. Hard foods such as coffee grinds, chicken bones and un-popped popcorn kernels can break up the grinding blades inside the appliance, causing extensive damage. Soft foods such as potatoes and rice are also dangerous, as they can build up at the bottom of the pit and clog up the unit, preventing other foods from passing through. Cooking oil and greases should also be kept out of the garbage disposal,... read more

Grilling Outdoors: How To Make It Work With A Patio Cover

Patio covers are the perfect way to extend your current living area into the backyard or to create your own separate area in the yard. With a grill added into the mix, you can extend your kitchen at the same time. However, when grilling out on your backyard patio, especially if you have a patio cover of some sort, it is important to consider a few things to make sure that you are still creating a safe and fun environment for all of your guests. Try to Avoid Placing Your Grill Directly Beneath the Patio Cover. Whether you have a charcoal, wood or gas burning grill, it is going to put off a lot of heat. As a general rule, the heat is going to rise straight up. Therefore, you need a well-ventilated area for your grill. If your grill is placed directly beneath your patio cover, the heat could cause the patio cover to become damaged. Even if it doesn’t damage the cover, it isn’t going to allow the heat to escape, which is going to heat up the atmosphere and make it less enjoyable. Therefore, you need to try to place your grill somewhere so that it isn’t directly underneath the cover. Alternatively, you may want to consider a retractable patio cover, which can be moved out of the way to allow the heat to escape, or a lattice patio cover, which will allow the heat to escape between the pieces of lattice. Don’t forget to also keep your grill at least 15 feet away from your house or any other solid structure. Take Mind of the... read more

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The first plant I ever killed was an orchid. It was a beautiful magenta, and a birthday present from my brother. Next in line was a series of ill-fated basil plants, followed by a vegetable garden that seemingly died off from too much attention.

Finally, my husband had a brilliant plan: succulents. Succulent plants are hearty, easy to maintain, and thrive off less attention, not more. As long as I had learned my lesson from the vegetable garden, I could have a verdant house!

I have managed to damage a plant or two—knocking over a plant stand with a vacuum isn’t great for a stiff vine—but now I’ve gotten the hang of these botanical wonders! If you have a brown thumb, as do I, learn from my experiences and enjoy having a green home.