How To Keep Your Mobile Home Safe From Break-Ins

27 January 2015
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Mobile homes require different security needs than regular homes. Also, just because you live in a smaller home in a potentially more tight-knit community doesn't mean that you don't need to take security seriously. Mobile homes are still susceptible to break-ins. Here's what you can do to ensure that you stay safe:

Check Doors and Windows: Doors and windows on mobile homes can warp more quickly since the structure of the home isn't as sound as it is on a typical home. Be sure that you are checking on a regular basis that the windows and doors fit perfectly into their frames. If they do not, then hire a professional to either repair or replace the warped window or door. Also, if you have any hollow exterior doors, have them replaced with solid doors, which are not as easy to kick in. 

Install Deadbolts: If your exterior doors do not have a deadbolt lock, you will need to have one installed. This is because the locks on the doors themselves only help to hold the door shut, they do not prevent someone from being able to kick the door in. This is also why you need solid exterior doors since the deadbolt will not work properly on a hollow door. 

Consider the Lighting: For your mobile home, you should consider installing motion detector lights to scare off intruders, as well as have timers installed for your interior lights when you are away so that it appears as if someone is home at night. Since mobile homes are tiny, a burglar is more likely to believe no one is home when the lights are off. 

Install a Home Alarm: A home alarm with monitoring may be unnecessary for a small mobile home. Instead, you can install a home alarm that doesn't have monitoring services. A home alarm will still sound an alarm when a door or window is compromised, thus scaring off intruders and alerting neighbors. 

Start Neighborhood Watch: If you aren't already part of a neighborhood watch program, you should start one. This ensures that your neighbors are looking out for your property while you are away. Also, you can make signs to indicate you are under a neighborhood watch program, which makes burglars think twice before stirring up trouble in your neighborhood. 

By ensuring that you keep your mobile home safe, you can guarantee that you can live more comfortably in your home. Remember that just because you live in a smaller home within a tight-knit community doesn't necessarily guarantee safety.