Four Benefits Of Using In Floor Radiant Heating Systems To Heat Your Home

30 January 2015
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If you want to have more energy efficient heating for your home, you may want to consider an in-floor heating system. This is a type of radiant heating system that heats your floors through a loop of pipes embedded in the floor. It has several advantages over conventional heating systems and radiators, such as being more efficient and heating an entire room.

Newer systems can even be installed when you replace floors during renovations. If you are considering radiant heating, here are four benefits of in-floor heating:

1. More Efficient Heating Of Your Home

There are many types of efficient heating systems, but in-floor heating may be one of the most efficient systems available. Unlike other heating systems, floor heating will heat everything in the room where it is installed, which means that you will not have one area where it is cooler, nor will you have to get up to cold floors in the mornings.

2. Can Be Used With Alternative Energy Systems

There are also many alternative energies that can be used with a radiant floor system, such as biomass. In-floor heating can also be used with conventional boilers that use natural gas as a source of energy, or be adapted to use a geothermal heat exchanger or solar collection system to be more Eco-friendly.

You have many options for the type of energy that will be used to power this type of heating system, so you will be able to adapt it to the needs of your home.

3. In-Floor Systems Are Hidden And Out Of The Way

In-floor heating systems are hidden out of the way because they are embedded beneath the floor of your home. This means that there are no duct vents or radiators to work around when decorating your home. You will also never need to worry about furniture or objects blocking a heat vent or radiator.

In-floor heating systems will actually heat objects in your home such as furniture, and these things will not interrupt the performance of the heating.

4. Does Not Affect The Air In Your Home

Many different types of heating systems can affect the air quality in your home. Ducted systems can cause allergens to get into your home, and make the air in your home dry; radiators can dry out the air in your home and cause you to need some time of humidifier. With a radiant floor heating system, the air quality in your home will not be affected by the heating, and you will always have clean air in your home.

These are the benefits of using in-floor radiant heating. If you want to have an in-floor heating system installed in your home, contact a heating and air conditioning contractor and ask about some of the different options that are available.