Three Tips To Keep Your Window Frame In Place While You Install It

18 April 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When you're installing a new window in your home, one of the most important things to pay attention to is making sure that the frame stays balanced. If you have to stop your project for a few hours and leave your home, this can be very challenging. So to minimize the chance of your window frame falling out of balance over the course of your project, take these three tips to heart.

Use Heavy Rocks To Hold The Frame Sides And Bottom Down

If you have a flat frame made out of several (instead of one) wooden parts, it's possible for each side to fall out independently. Since they're not directly held in check by gravity, the frame sides are very likely to fall out if they're shaken.

To prevent your side frames from falling out, you need to make sure that they don't get even slightly dislodged from their grip on the wall. For this purpose, a pair of small, dense, and relatively circular stones are ideal. If you place one stone on each side of your window sill, you'll both contain the sides and prevent the bottom from also shaking and eventually falling out.

Use Several Pieces Of Duct Tape For The Frame's Top Side

In a multiple part frame, the top side is particularly vulnerable due to direct gravity pressure. But even if your frame is made out of one piece, top pressure can significantly contribute to moving the other sides out of balance as well.

Since stones and other heavier objects are out, your best bet to prop up the top side of your window frame is duct tape. While you don't have to cover the whole top of your frame, it's prudent to use at least three or four long strips of duct tape.

Place Something Heavy Outside Your Window To Lean On The Frame

Depending on how your frame fits in your wall, it may be in danger of falling in one piece outside. To mitigate this risk when you're working on your project and when you're resting, place something relatively heavy like a patio screen door or bookshelf outside to lean on your frame.

Make sure that you don't use something so heavy that your window frame starts leaning inwards instead of outwards. Even if the frame never actually falls, excess weight could push it out of alignment with the wall.

Even a mundane object like a window frame can be a joy to install if you do it right. Whenever you plan any household DIY project, have a plan for keeping the parts you've already installed in place while you're taking a break. You could also contact a company like the one found at for more tips or help.