Modular Storage For Your Garage: Lock It Up For Safety's Sake!

29 December 2014
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Let's face it-- everything you use to make your yard green, healthy and attractive is potentially lethal to children. Lawnmowers, shrub trimmers, weed whackers, chainsaws, lawn fertilizers and insect killers all could kill. If you want to keep these things in your garage but also want to remove them from your curious kids' hands, you could try modular storage. 

Modular Cabinets That Lock

Whether they are steel or tough plastic, modular cabinets that lock are the perfect starter- storage units. Usually, you can line these up along an entire wall in your garage and the shelving inside helps organize all of your lawn and garden needs. For your larger lawn equipment items, wide, low cabinets that lock are an excellent solution. The children cannot get anywhere near the blades of lawnmowers or snow blowers without unlocking the units, and since you put the keys where they cannot find them, the kids are safe.

Extra Specialty Cabinets for the Automotive Hobbyists

Some modular sets also have benches and work tables which you can incorporate into the self storage system. Specialty cabinets that house tools or locking cabinets that you can hang from the wall over the work benches are quite useful for storing poisonous car engine essentials like windshield washer fluid and carburetor injector cleaner. As long as you can lock everything up, you can keep it out of the hands of your kids and enjoy your hobbies in your garage.

Modular Storage with Locking Drawers

Another modular product with many benefits, these sections are comprised of several locking drawers keep lawn and garden tools out of the elements and away from tiny hands that could be cut by the sharp edges of a hedge trimmers or pruning saw. You could house chainsaw oil and anti-rust spray in these drawers as well. The drawers can be used by themselves or in addition to the other modular storage components.

It Is All About Personal Choice

The greatest benefit of modular storage is the freedom to choose. Many different manufacturers make and provide modular unit pieces that allow you to pick and choose what you want, and create the safest garage storage space you could ever hope for. The lockable modular pieces provide complete peace of mind because you know that your children are safe to wander in and out of the garage to get their bicycles and will not come into contact with anything dangerous. That alone is worth the investment.

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