Why A Professional Moving Company May Be Cheaper Than You Realize

8 January 2015
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Before you decide that it's a good financial decision to handle your own move, and especially a long distance or interstate move, you might want to think about hiring a professional company to help instead. These companies may be cheaper to hire than you think, and choosing to rent a truck and move on your own can actually wind up being more costly than you realize. Consider a few factors to keep in mind about these costs.

1. Truck rental is not the only cost you'll incur when you move on your own

Too often a person moving will think only of the cost of renting a truck when comparing this to hiring a moving company, and they forget about other small costs that add up for their move. For example, you will need refuel that truck and depending on petrol prices, this can be very costly. You will also need to rent a dolly and maybe even more than one, and the padding that goes between pieces in the truck.

If you have friends help you move you might think they're working for free but even if you buy lunch or pizza for everyone, you need to think about this cost as well. While all these additional costs may seem small on their own, they do add up. Compare them to the cost of hiring professionals and you may see that moving on your own is not as cheap as you imagined.

2. Professional movers mean less risk of something getting damaged

A professional mover will know how to move furniture in and out of tight corners and spaces and how to pack items in a truck properly so there is less risk of things getting damaged. You might not assume that it would be expensive to replace your items if they did get broken in a move but consider the cost of even one piece of new furniture or the cost of replacing your television and you can understand why it's a better financial choice to hire professionals.

Remember too that even if professionals do damage your items, they will have insurance on which you can make a claim. This will mean being reimbursed for the cost if you do need to replace something rather than having to pay it on your own. This too is a reason why it's a better choice to find interstate movers than to try to handle your own move, especially one that is out of state or long distance.