Four Easy Ways To Keep Air Conditioning Costs Down When You Have Kids

22 January 2015
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When you live alone or with your adult partner, it's easy to just turn the thermostat up and tolerate an 80-degree house, knowing that you're saving on your air conditioning costs. When you have kids, however, turning up the air conditioner means listening to them whine about how hot they are, and then worrying that they are, in fact, going to overheat. Don't sacrifice your child's wellbeing and your own sanity for a lower air conditioning bill. Use these tips to reduce your bill without excessive discomfort.

Turn up the temperature at night.

Once your kids have fallen asleep, they won't be as uncomfortable with a warmer temperature. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher at night, and if you're really worried about your kids getting warm, sneak into their rooms and take off their covers before you retire to bed yourself. Make sure your kids are going to sleep in shorts and a t-shirt (or for boys, perhaps even just shorts) rather than long pants, so they don't get too warm at night.

Have your kids take cool baths.

For some reason, a lot of kids like taking hot baths, even when the house is warm. This will make them even hotter, which is sure to lead to complaints of "it's too hot, can we turn on the air conditioning?" Encourage your kids to take cooler baths, which will help them stay comfortable in a slightly warmer house. You can even run the bath water for little kids.

Turn your ceiling fans on counterclockwise.

Did you know that if you turn your ceiling fan on counterclockwise, it will push cool air downward and make your room feel cooler? This is a completely kid-safe tip that you can use in every room from the living room to the bedrooms. Yes, running your ceiling fan requires some electricity, but a lot less than turning your thermostat down a few degrees.

Plant more trees and shrubs around your home.

Plants keep the heat out of your home because they keep some of the sunlight from reaching your home's windows and walls. This is a project that the whole family can enjoy. Visit a local nursery with your kids to pick out some plants, and spend an afternoon adding them to your garden. Explain to your kids how they will help reduce your need for air conditioning, so that they remain aware of the importance of keeping bills under control.

It can be hard to keep your air conditioning bills low while trying to keep your kids comfortable, too. A good way to start is to turn your thermostat up by just a degree or two, and then use some of the tips above to make it easier for you and the kids to adapt to the higher temperature. Every little bit helps – you'll be surprised how much lower your bill is after turning your thermostat down even one degree. Contact professional providers, such as Economy Air Systems Inc, for more tips on how to save on your bills.