2 Unique Dining Room Table Styles To Consider

17 February 2015
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Buying a dining room table is a must for many people, but the traditional dining room table style isn't really all that exciting. Sure, you have a lot of different choices in terms of table height, material, or finish, but that still doesn't make your dining room stand out. Two unique dining room table styles to consider in order to make your dining room stand out are expandable tables and chabudai:

Expandable Tables

Being able to buy a table that is large enough to seat a large family or group of dinner guests is a great thing, but only if you have the luxury of having enough space to place a large table. Unfortunately, many people do not have dedicated or large dining rooms, which means that a large dining room table will just end up getting in your way if you are not having family or friends over for dinner. 

However, there are dining room tables that you can purchase that are expandable. In most cases, these tables will seat 2-4 people when in it's base form.

The reason that these tables stand out is that they can be expanded to more people quite easily when you have guests over, or if you simply need more space on your table for work or a hobby. This is ideal for saving space, because you can simply expand the table when you need it, and break it down into its more compact form when the extra size is no longer needed.

Now, these tables can expand in two ways, with one of the most common methods being the fold down panels on the side that you can simply lift up and lock into place. If you need even more space, you can also buy expandable tables that slide apart on rails. This leaves an opening in the center of the table that you will need to fill with another tabletop piece that comes with the table.


A chabudai is a traditional dining room table that originated in Japan. This type of dining room table is unique in that it is very low to the ground. In most cases, the chabudai will be placed on a mat or rug, while you and your guests will be seated on small pillows on the floor.

In addition to providing your home with a minimalist feel, it can be a great way to expand upon an existing Japanese theme when decorating your home.

Visit your local furniture store today in order to look at the vast amount of dining room furniture available to you. A chabudai is a great way to make your dining room stand out due to its low seating position, while expandable tables can provide you with extra seating room when you need it and not take up too much room the rest of the time.

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