Review Your Fire Plan with Your Kids This Spring

31 March 2015
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Spring is not just a great time for cleaning, it is also a great time to review your fire safety plan with your kids. The more you practice, the more likely it is your children will know what to do in the case of an emergency.

Change the Batteries In Your Fire Alarm

Show your children where your fire alarm is located. Explain that the alarm's job is to detect smoke, and that if the alarm detects smoke, it lets out a very loud sound. This loud sound, or alarm, tells you that you need to get out of the house as fast as you can and call 911.

Test the Fire Alarm

After you change the batteries in your fire alarm, you should test out your fire alarm. Explain to your children that you are going to test out the fire alarm so they know what it sounds like.

Many children become frightened or upset when they hear a fire alarm, because it is so loud. By testing the alarm, you will familiarize your children with the sound. This will help them react appropriately in the event of an actual fire.

Review Your Fire Escape Plan

Review with your children your fire escape plan.

Explain that if they see fire and smoke, the first thing they should do is get low. Explain to your children that the smoke can hurt them when they breath, but it likes to hang out up high, which is why you want to get down low.

Practice getting down low and crawling with your kids. Show them how to use their arms or some fabric to cover their mouths with. Explain how this will help them breathe better when the house is full of smoke.

Next, take about how to get out of your house. Explain that you should always use the doors of your house first to get out. If you have older kids, you can teach them how to get out of their windows if necessary.

Drill into your kids the importance of not going back into the house if they see a fire or hire the fire alarm for toys. Explain that you can replace their toys.

Finally, set up a meeting place where a safe distance outside of your  home where everyone will go in case of a fire. Then practice these steps with your children multiple times.

Take Them to Visit the Local Firehouse

During the spring and summer, many firehouses hold open house events for the community. See if your firehouse is holding any such events.

Although many children love to read books and dress up like firefighters, seeing a firefighter in their full gear with their oxygen masks on can be a little scary. By exposing your children to this in a safe environment, you can help your children get over their fears. That way, if they are ever in a fire, they will not try to hide from the firefighters.

Even though the chances of a fire occurring are low, it is always best to be prepared. Make sure you practice your fire safety plan with your kids, and answer any questions that they may have. For more informatrion on home fire security, cointact Tri Communications Security Services Inc.