Floral Choices For Your Winter Wedding

6 May 2015
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Many brides love the idea of a romantic wedding in a winter wonderland. Choosing to get married in the winter may narrow down your floral choices somewhat. Most florists can get flowers that are not in season, but they can be more expensive. However a winter wedding does open up all kinds of exciting possibilities for flowers:


Trees in winter don't have to be boring and bare. An arrangement including bare tree branches can be stunning, especially in a decorative base or a little bit of sparkle added for a magical effect. 

Trees represent family, stability and growth, making them the perfect symbolic piece at a wedding. 

Holiday Flowers

Flowers that you see during winter holidays can also be great for a winter wedding. Think about holly branches in bloom, dramatic poinsettias and romantic mistletoe. Many churches and other venues are already decorated for the holidays, which can be good for your decor and your budget. 

You can even get creative by having potted poinsettias arranged in the shape of an evergreen tree or by placing an arch of mistletoe for guest to walk under as they enter the venue. 

Wonderful White

Bring an elegant touch to a winter wedding by using floral arrangements that are all in white. Roses may not be in season during the winter, but a bouquet of white roses is simple and elegant. 

White flowers are magnificent on their own, but they are also a good choice because you can add any color ribbon or vase. You can even have small pearls or rhinestones included in your white bouquet. 

Icy Illusion

Ice covered trees may be a winter hazard, but they are beautiful to see. Your florist can achieve the look of ice and snow by adding sparkle and flocking to your arrangements. 

Table centerpieces that make use of clear stones and glittery glass also add to the effect. 

Wreaths and Greenery

Wreaths of flowers and tree branches are lovely at a winter wedding. You can also add garland in unexpected places, like draped over the back of chairs or running down either side of the aisle. 


One great benefit of winter is that it gets dark earlier, giving you even more options for your decor and flowers. Strings of white lights look fantastic when paired with winter floral arrangements, evergreen boughs and archways. 

Winter weddings don't have to be floral flops. You can have romantic and memorable wedding flower arrangements while celebrating the beauty of winter. To learn more, contact a company like Charlotte County Flowers with any questions or concerns you have.