Secure Your Property With Preparation - A Guide To Installing A Dual Swing Gate Opener

30 July 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Installing an automatic gate can greatly improve your ability to control who is allowed to enter your property. Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take in order to make sure your dual swing gate opener installation is successful.  This important task will allow you to secure your property while simultaneously creating an attractive fence that allows you to achieve the aesthetic that you truly desire.

Secure Gate Posts

If your gate is intended to provide security, it's important that it's firmly mounted. Even if your gates are merely ornamental, the continuous motion associated with a dual swing gate can still cause mechanical and structural issues if you're not careful to take steps to guarantee security.

Before you install your opener, you need to verify that the mounting posts for your gates are as firmly planted as possible. The best way to achieve this permanence is through concrete, and you should be sure that you give the concrete time to fully harden and set up before you add the stress of an opener.

Level the Gates

Watching your gates close but not meet flush in the middle is an extraordinarily frustrating experience. Not only does this make the gates somewhat less attractive, it also can make your opener function incorrectly, leading to complications in terms of accessibility. In addition, it may make secure closures difficult, leaving you vulnerable to the very security concerns that you were eager to avoid with the gate in the first place.

Making sure that your gates are level is a vital step to take before you install your dual swing gate opener. Otherwise, the sensor for the opener may be misaligned and create functionality problems in the future, and you may find yourself struggling to enjoy an operational gate.

Guarantee Lubrication

Grinding and dragging are perhaps the biggest physical concerns in terms of damaging a dual swing gate's stability. If your gate is improperly lubricated, it can easily slip out of alignment, and the resulting friction can create significant metal stress. In order to avoid those concerns, be sure that you apply an all weather lubricant as suggested by your gate manufacturer. It's important that you take this step before installing your opener, as you'll likely be operating your gates with high frequency in order to test the opener's alignment and functions. 

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