Buying Wildflower And Other Garden Seeds: What To Look For In Quality

23 September 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Planting a viable garden that produces beautiful flowers or vegetables all season long starts with the right seed. You may be tempted to buy wildflower seed packets and seed packets for vegetables for the convenience and attractive price. Before you grab just any seed packet, know what to look for in a quality company so you can have a fruitful garden from your efforts.

Age of packet

The longer a wildflower seed mix sits in its packet, the more difficulty it may have in germinating when you finally get to your planting season. You want to investigate all seed packets for the date they were packed or their sell by date. The less time between your purchase and the date the seeds were packaged, or the more time between the sell by date and your planting, the more viable and fresh your seeds are likely to be.


It's nearly impossible to guarantee that a packet of wildflower or vegetable seeds will grow, mainly because how you plant the seeds determine whether they will produce healthy plants or not. However, a reputable greenhouse or seed-selling company will offer some kind of guarantee as far as freshness or health of the individual seeds you receive. If you open a packet of seeds and see that they have been damaged in any way, including chipping, crumbling, or even lack of seeds promised, you should be able to return the packet to the venue you received them from for a new package of fresh, undamaged seeds.

Region and germination

Wildflower seeds that will grow well in your region are most likely to give you the best success when planting. Prior to purchasing any wildflower or garden seeds, even if you are at your local greenhouse, check to make sure that the plants will thrive in your climate. Some wildflowers, such as Sunflowers, grow well in all climates as long as they have full access to the sun, whereas Amaryllis flowers prefer a warmer, tropical climate for healthy growth.

Planting the ideal garden begins with the right seed. Your local greenhouse or seed packet seller should be able to guide you to the right types of wildflowers and vegetables that will grow well in your area. Look for the freshest seed packets you can find, and make sure that your packet comes with some kind of guarantee in case your seeds come to you damaged or defective. You can plant a garden that will thrive when you have the perfect seeds to start with.