Should You Get Storm Shutters?

15 October 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you live on the coast or in another area that faces wind storms, you should consider installing storm or hurricane shutters. These protective barriers can greatly reduce the damage your home or business suffers from high winds and blowing debris. You can choose from a number of models that offer different advantages.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters work well for several reasons. They are a permanent addition to your building and attach to the top of your window, door, or other opening. You simply roll them down when bad weather is on the way and roll them back up when things are clear. These shutters also add to your security by making breakins more difficult. They are designed to withstand the toughest weather out there.

Accordian Shutters

These shutters attach to either side of the windows or doors, and, as their name suggests, unfold like an accordian when you need them.  They are also attached permanently to your building, so you do not need to store them or continually put them up and take them down. They can make your building more secure as some of them can be locked. They are very effective, but you may not like the "bulk" they add to the outside of your home or business. 

Fabric Shutters

A lightweight and durable choice for storm protection is the fabric shutter. They are made of an extremely strong nylon and are attached in anticipation of a storm. This process is much easier than with the heavy metal models that residents in hurricane-prone areas used to wrestle into place before bad weather. This model is an excellent choice for you if you do not want permanent shutters added to your building. They are considered an affordable option that will last you for years. 


Plastic shutters are also removable and are attached before a storm strikes. They are lightweight and allow light into the house. You may need help to put them up when a storm is on the way because they are harder to attach than some other types.

Storm or hurricane shutters are not just for hurricane protection. Other areas which frequently experience wind storms can also benefit from them. These shutters offer extra security for your home or business. Having them can protect your home from broken glass and damage from flying debris. Check out all the options, and then choose the type that will best work for your home.