Investing In A Luxurious Motorhome: Things To Know About A PMRV

23 December 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Do you want a mobile living space that is a little more luxurious than the typical recreational vehicle (RV) motorhome? You may find that investing in a park model recreational vehicle (PMRV) will satisfy all of your mobile living needs, as they come with multiple benefits. Find out in this article what you should know about a PMRV to decide if spending money on one is a wise investment.

What Makes a PMRV a Worthy Investment?

The great thing about a PMRV motorhome is that you can leave it parked at an RV campground for as long as it is needed (even permanently). Although a PMRV looks like a permanent living space, it is designed for occasional use when traveling, because the construction is not as stable as a regular home. However, you can opt for living in it, and it will feel like you are living in a small trailer home. A PMRV sits on a chassis that has wheels on it for traveling; however, the chassis can be taken off if you intend on permanently keeping the living space at a campground. Keep in mind that a PMRV is not considered an actual home and must be registered like any other vehicle.

What Kind of Features are in a PMRV?

The features of a PMRV will vary based on what you pay for. However, you can expect the living space to have all of the common things that are found in a regular home, including:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • A living area

You can also opt for features like a porch, bay windows and various other features to make your PMRV more luxurious. You can get a PMRV that has siding similar to what is on regular homes, such as cedar, vinyl or logs.

What Does it Cost to Get a Motorhome?

Motorhomes are priced at various rates depending on their class and features. You should expect to pay at least $40,000 on the lowest end of the scale. Getting customized features placed in your motorhome can raise the price to as much as $800,000. No matter how much money is spent to get a PMRV motorhome, it will be worth it if you intend on living it permanently, because you'll have a home that can be taken anywhere that you go. 

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