Deciding When To Remove A Tree: Guidelines

16 February 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Trees add beauty and shade to your yard, but just like any other plant-life in your yard, they are susceptible to death, disease and damage. You might have a tree that you love but isn't in the best shape, but you might not know if it would be best to let your tree try to recover or to consider tree removal. Inspect your tree and think about the following things to determine if your tree should be removed or not.

How Healthy is The Tree?

You should first inspect the overall health of your tree to determine if it should be removed or not. Trees that are overrun with disease, with more than half of the tree being damaged, should most likely be removed. At this point, the disease will only continue to spread and further damage the tree until it can no longer grow. Trees that are no longer producing healthy leaves in large quantities should also be removed. If the tree is dead completely, it needs to be removed due to the fact that a dead tree will more easily fall, creating a potential for property damage or personal injury.

Is The Trunk Hollow?

The exterior of your damaged tree might look healthy, but the trunk inside could be mostly hollow or dead. Allow the main sources of life support for the tree, the phloem of the tree and the xylem of the tree, are on the outer edges of the trunk which will allow a tree to still live and grow with a hollow trunk, a hollow trunk will compromise the integrity of the tree, meaning that it will more easily break. If you notice large amounts of hollowness or rot within the trunk, the tree should be removed. 

Is There Root Damage?

You should check near the base of your tree for broken, damaged roots, as well as for fungal mushroom growth, disease growth and rot. These things all compromise the root system, which can make it difficult for your tree to get the nutrients that it needs, as well as making the tree weaker overall. If you can't determine how damaged the roots are, have it inspected by a tree professional. However, if it's obvious that the root system is weakened, mostly indicated by root rot and damage, the tree should be removed. 

If you do need to remove a tree, contact a tree removal service to do the job for you. Using a service will ensure that the job gets done safely and properly.