Having Destruction Problems On Your Landscape? Find The Culprit With Security Cameras

20 April 2016
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Working a full-time job, sleeping eight hours a night, and running a family means that you will not be able to keep an eye on your property at all times. Unfortunately, you may start to experience landscape issues such as the holes being created, grass getting damaged, or plants being eaten. You may not have enough free time on your hands to set up a stakeout to see who or what is causing the problem. But, you can install security cameras that monitor your landscape, which will allow you to catch the culprit in action.

See What Wildlife Roams the Yard

If you do not have a fence surrounding your property or at least your backyard, you can easily welcome wildlife, especially when you have plants that attract animals such as deer or rabbits. Rabbits love leafy green vegetables, forsythia shrubs, and apples, while deer like maple trees, azaleas, and daylilies. Once you find what wild animal is wreaking havoc on your landscape, you can find and eliminate the cause.

Inspect Your Dog's Behavior

If you have a dog that you let outside for an hour or more a day, or If they have a dog door, you have to consider whether they are the ones causing damage to your landscape. Dogs are most likely to cause issues by urinating, which causes grass to die, as well as digging, which leads to overall yard damage. Digging can become a severe problem when it involves digging up flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Their digging habits can also allow them to escape from the property by getting through barriers.

A security camera is the most surefire way to find out what your dog is doing. It is best not to punish them for something that they are not responsible for, so being certain with video footage is the way to go.

Come Up with Solutions

Once the security cameras are installed and you have had a chance to figure out the problem, you can start coming up with solutions. Adding a fence is one that will eliminate most problems related to wildlife, especially when you make sure to get it built to prevent digging from happening. To fix an issue with your dog, you may need to train them to use a specific area that you create for them to go to the bathroom. Or you can fence in certain parts of the yard, such as where plants are grown to restrict access.

Security cameras will help you become an excellent detective, which will ultimately allow you to find out what is going on with your landscape and give you the tools you fix the problem.

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