Make Your Universal Design Bathroom Stylish

20 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A universal design bathroom is ideal for your home no matter the current needs of your family. Applying universal design principles to your bathroom ensures it will remain accessible for as many people as possible for a long time. Additionally, it's even more practical because the open design allows for easier cleanup and proper drainage. What's more, a universal design bathroom can be just as attractive as it is practical.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are very popular in modern design, and they are a classic universal design principle as well. An open floor plan can work with any style of bathroom, though. Obviously the clean lines appeal to modern style. However, the minimalism also blends well with Asian-inspired bathrooms. It's also possible to tile and paint the bathroom so it fits in with beach, country or other traditional styles. You simply need to ensure there's enough room for wheelchair or walker access, as appropriate. Likewise, there shouldn't be any rims or other items on the floor that someone can trip over.

Floating Sink

A wall-mounted sink is along those same lines. As Home and Garden TV points out, a wall-mounted sink allows for easy wheelchair access because there aren't any pedestals or cabinets underneath. Yet the installation also seems to float in the middle of the wall, which is very fetching for a modern bathroom. Cool black or gray countertops further this look, while you can warm it up with honey or buttery tones in your countertop. Wall-mounted sinks often feature vessels, and you can further customize the profile with a porcelain, glass or stone vessel.

Walk-In Shower

One of the hallmarks of universal design is a barrier-free shower. The rimless design doesn't limit access into the bathing space. Yet walk-in showers are also stylish for any bathroom, especially with clear glass walls. Because glass is transparent, it makes the bathroom feel larger. The glass also reflects light back into the room. You can have a glass shower installed with a closing door. However, if space permits, consider an open shower room with a glass wall. Either way, the key is to ensure the floor is constructed to direct the water into the center drain.

Shower Seat

While you're attending to the shower area, consider including a built-in shower seat. It's possible to slide a waterproof bench into the stall. You can have it tiled to blend with the rest of the stall. The base of the bench can also serve for extra storage. If mobility is an issue, include grab bars near the bench. Likewise, have a handheld showerhead installed nearby for ease of bathing.

Choose attractive style options for your universal design bathroom.