Ideas For Using Upcycled Art In Your Yard

7 November 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A bare yard is rarely the most attractive. Perhaps you have a lawn and fence, but you'd like to augment the design with yard art. The buzz these days is all about upcycling or reusing old materials in new ways. Utilize recycled art pieces to beautify your yard.

Decorative Metal Art

Any yard can be enhanced with recycled metal art. There are so many styles to choose from that your design options are almost unlimited. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes a picket fence that's been embellished with metal stars. The embellishments add a touch of whimsy. You could even change them according to the seasons. If you like whimsical items, look for the pieces that are clearly made of recycled metal. Artists construct these items, usually animal figures, out of all manner of upcycled metal, such as shovels, gears, horse shoes and springs. You can use these to create a tableau in your yard.

Wheelbarrow Mini-Scape

If you have a rustic or cottage style house, a planted wheelbarrow can be a charming addition to your yard. For this project, use an old wheelbarrow. Bore holes into the bottom, and add a layer of gravel. Fill the well with potting soil, and add your favorite plants. A wheelbarrow planter is ideal for a mini-scape. Look for miniature plants and garden items. Use these to transform the soil into a mini-garden.

Pail Container Garden

Another do-it-yourself project is constructing a container garden out of metal pails. Choose a selection of metal pails in different sizes. For standard planting, drill the bottoms, add a layer of gravel, and fill them will soil. However, pails lend themselves to water gardening. You simply have to fill them with water and add water-loving plants such as cattails, water lilies and aquatic clover. Either way, cluster the containers together. When choosing the plants, try to select different heights and textures to add visual interest.

Custom Fountain

You can also use pails or other water-tight containers to create a custom fountain. To do this, you need the container, a water pump and a few items to fill the interior of the container. These can include river rocks, glass décor and ceramic pots. Start by drilling a hole in the bottom of the container for the pump's tubing. If using a deep container, place filler items in the bottom. For instance, use plain pots in the well to elevate the decorative elements. Nestle the water pump inside so it's at the bottom, and run the tubing through the hole. Then, simply layer the decorative elements on top, and fill the fountain with water.

Upcycled items such as recycled metal yard art can complement your yard's style. Check out companies like Star Imports Wholesale for more ideas.