Want A Fireplace? 4 Things To Consider

13 January 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you want a fireplace, before you start shopping for one, it is important to fully understand why you want a fireplace and what you want out of it. This will help you choose the best fireplace for your needs and your home.

#1: The Fuel Source

Before you start shopping, you need to know what fuel source you want to use for the fireplace, as this will significantly impact the units you look at.

One of the most common types of fireplace is a gas fireplace.

Gas is a clean energy source and usually affordable. Electricity is also another clean option, although it can be expensive as well.

Wood fireplaces can be messy to handle and can be affordable if you have an easy source of wood. Wood fireplaces can be expensive if you must purchase the wood from an outside supplier.

You can also fuel a fireplace with coal or pellets, which are both a little dirtier to handle physically but can be affordable fuel options that are easy to access.

#2: Heating Efficiency

Second, you need to consider how efficient you want the heating to be. There are different ways to control the heating efficiency of a unit. For example, you can have a fireplace you can control via a thermostat. Or you can have a fireplace that you can turn up or down, without regulating with a thermostat. 

#3: Fireplace Purpose

Third, you need to consider the overall purpose of a fireplace. Do you want the fireplace to primarily looking nice? Do you want the fireplace to heat a specific space? Do you want the fireplace to be a supplemental source of heat or a primary source of heat? 

Knowing the purpose of the fireplace will help you choose what type of fireplace you want better.

For example, if you want a fireplace that looks great, you will be focused more on the visual aspect of the fireplace. If you want a fireplace to be a primary heat source, you will want a fireplace that puts out a lot of heat. 

#4: All-Around Look

When looking for a fireplace, you need to consider what the fireplace looks like when it is on and off. With all types of fireplaces, other than a wood-burning fireplace, you can turn the appearance of a flame on and off. When looking at a fireplace, you need to consider what the fireplace looks like both when it is on and when it is off, as you are unlikely to have the flame on at all times. You want to make sure you like how the unit looks when it is fired up and when it isn't. 

When shopping for a fireplace, you need to consider the fuel source, the heating efficiency controls, the fireplace's purpose, and the fireplace's all-around look.

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