Why You Should Use A Braided Steel Supply Line

11 November 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When you look below your toilet, you'll see a line that runs from the flush box to either the floor or the wall. This line is known as the supply line and is responsible for carrying clean water from your home's water supply to the toilet so that it can operate properly. Over time, some supply lines can fail, which means that it's necessary to replace them. Fortunately, this job is an easy one for the average person to perform. In order to complete the task, you'll need to visit a plumbing supply store to buy a new supply line. You'll see lines in several materials, including braided steel. Here are some reasons to use this material.

Has Durability

A lot of people favor braided steel supply lines because of their durability. The steel layer on the exterior of the line makes it extremely unlikely that your line will get damaged in the future. While there's a soft hose inside of the steel, the layer of steel will protect the hose from kinking and sustaining other types of damage. If you don't want to think about needing to replace the supply line for a very long time, you'll likely favor a braided steel line instead of a standard rubber line.

Offers A Degree Of Style

Another reason to choose a braided steel supply line for your toilet is that it can look better than supply lines made of other materials. When you compare braided steel to rubber lines, you'll likely find that the steel has a stylish, higher-end appearance. Its color can also complement certain elements in the bathroom, as there's a good chance that there are steel elements visible in one or more of your fixtures and decorative items. Steel can also offer a modern look, making it a good fit in any bathroom with a modern style.

Maintains Appearance

A braided steel supply line can be a good choice because you'll generally find that this plumbing product maintains its appearance, providing a like-new look even years after you install it. The same isn't always true for supply lines made of other materials. A PVC or rubber supply line may yellow over time, becoming an eyesore in your bathroom. A clear supply line can lose its original appearance by becoming cloudy. To learn more about braided steel supply lines for your toilet, shop at a plumbing supply store online or in your area.