Four Types Of Lumber To Use For Your Deck

12 January 2023
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you're planning to build a new deck yourself, a big part of the planning part of the project will be to determine how much lumber you need. When you come up with the amount, you can then visit a nearby lumber supplier to look at different options and price out your project. There are many different types of wood that can be suitable for decks. Some people favor the natural look of cedar, while others favor the longevity of pressure-treated lumber. Regardless of what material you choose, you'll typically need these four types of lumber.

4 x 4

For the posts beneath your deck, 4 x 4 lumber will be the right choice. The size of this lumber will create strength and stability for your deck. The length of the 4 x 4s that you buy will depend on how deep you need your posts to be, as well as how high you want the deck off the ground. For the depth, you'll need to consider your climate. For example, if your ground freezes during the winter, having deeper posts will reduce the risk of the deck shifting during the springtime thaw.

2 x 4

One of the most common types of lumber for any project, 2 x 4 lumber will play a pivotal role in your deck. There are several different ways to use it, including for your railings, stairs, and other structures that are visible. Many people use 2 x 4s beneath the surface of the deck as a way to build a frame that will connect the posts and the boards that form the surface of the deck.

2 x 2

When you assess various types of balusters that you'll use around the perimeter of your deck, wood is often a good choice. Visually, wooden balusters will match the rest of the deck, helping to create a unified look. One common approach for the balusters is to use 2 x 2 lumber, which you can space out to suit your desired style. Many lumber suppliers sell 2 x 2s that are specifically cut to length for this purpose, which will save you from having to measure and cut them before installing them.

1 x 6

While there are different approaches that you can take for the boards that make up the surface of your deck, using 1 x 6 lumber is often a good idea. Its width will give it a pleasing look while choosing 1 x 6 instead of 2 x 6 boards instead of those that are thicker will save you a bit of money and make the boards lighter and easier to work with when you're installing them.

Reach out to a local lumber supplier to learn more.